Recycled Bricks

Recycled Belfast Bricks

Price: €500 per pallet

Colour Red /yellow /orange
Dimensions Varies
Weight 1 tonne
Sold By (units) Pallet 500no bricks
Price €500 per pallet

Additional Information

It is impossible not to notice the use of Red Brick in the city of Belfast.  It is everywhere and gives the city a distinctive look.  Reclaimed Belfast brick is ideal for restoration projects and for building decorative fireplaces or door arches.  Reclaimed brick is already 'worn in' and has a range of natural colours and 'old world' look.  New brick will tend to be too strong and uniform in colour and will remain so for many years.  Recycled Belfast bricks can be used indoors and outdoors and are ideal for garden projects like walls and BBQ's.

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